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I am your Digital Coach.
I take care of your online presence from all 360 degrees. 
I’ll help you select the right professionals for the best results. 

First, I listen to what you need. Once I have all the information for a general overview of the situation, I offer a free initial price estimate.

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What I provide

Digital Services

+ Domains & Hosting 
+ Responsive Website Design | SEO
+ Social Media Development
+ E-Commerce & Artist Profiles
+ Video Marketing for Business
+ Marketing Consultation & Analysis
+ Newsletters & Landing Pages
+ Advertising | Graphic Design
+ Offset and Digital Printing
+ Promotional Items and Gadgets

Technical Helpdesk

+ Website Support & Updates
+ Customer Service
+ IT Security

Partnership Jackalope
Microsoft DELL Google Cisco

Some included extras ;)

+ Social Media Design
I design unique Facebook Fanpages and Youtube Channel Art for a professional presence on Social Media.

+ Video Preview Images
Add a professional video preview image that includes your name, image, contact info and video title before the video is played.

+ Training Courses