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What I do

Photo Modeling
Visual art
Digital Design
Web admin

What I did

My experience as an Actor and Photo Model


2018 Verso un altrove by M. AMATO
2018 Never whistle alone by M. FERRARI
2017 Shanda’s River by M. ROSSON
2016 The rest with my eyes by M. AMATO
2013 Wrath of the crows by I. ZUCCON
2013 Freddy Hotel by M. AMATO
2011 Canepazzo by D. PETRUCCI
2011 The Italian Dream by R. MARIOTTI
2009 Exit Una storia personale by M. AMATO
2007 Dark Resurrection Vol 1 by A. LICATA


2019 Dark Resurrection Vol 2 by A. LICATA
2018 San Cosma. Il gioco del silenzio by A. GONNELLA e D. LOREGGIAN
2009 Inside by V. DE SIO
2004 Nella mia mente by M. PASTRELLO


2021 Dotz Prod Zerotredici
2020 Nims Lavazza Prod Fornace
2020 Pam Panorama Prod Fornace
2018 Berner Spa Prod Nexus3
2015 Perbellini Arredamenti by M. MICHELAZZO  DOP: G. COMPAROTTO
2014 Dedalus by F. DOLFI DOP: D. BECHERI
2014 Rainbow MagicLand by R. SAKU CINARDI
2013 Federtennis Centri estivi by D. PETRUCCI
2012 Gaviscon Sleepless by M. MISSANO
2011 Blackberry by C. ALEMA'

2001 Soltanto Naturale Band: Single by C. TOMBOLA, S. FESTA and C. BENANZIOLI

2011 Amore Criminale Rai 3 by M. IANNELLI
2014 Amore Criminale Rai 3 by M. IANNELLI


The Actor's Center Roma Michael Margotta
Centro Superiore delle Comunicazioni Camploy Laura De Biasi
CIM (ALOUD) Franco Bignotto

My experience as a Digital Designer and Web Admin

2016 – 2023 Digital Designer and Web Admin
External collaboration in partnership with

Graphic Web SM Design
Website Administration
Social Media Management
Consulting and Specialized Services
Customer Care

Collegio Nazionale Periti Agrari e Periti Agrari Laureati, Cral Comune di Verona, Schicchera Production, Lorenzo Baraldi Set Designer, Gianna Gissi Costume Designer, Adam Victor Photographer, Impero dei Sapori, Vivai Oliva Cosimo, B&B Systems, Tenditalia Spa, ABA Mediterranea

2015 Social Media Manager at Rai Radio Televisione Italiana Spa (Rai1) Roma
2014 Web designer and Social Media Manager at Rai Radio Televisione Italiana Spa (Raigulp) Roma
2009 – 2010 Graphic and Web Designer at Giano Solutions Srl Roma
2006 – 2013 Graphic and Web Designer Free Lance Roma
2005 – 2006 Graphic and Web Designer at Carboni ADV Verona 
2003 – 2005 Graphic and Web Designer at DWI Spa Verona 
2003 Graphic and Web Designer at Creative Studios Affi - Verona 
1999 – 2002 Graphic and Web Designer at Match Music Srl  Verona – Music TV Channel
1996 – 1998 Industrial Pattern Maker at Legrenzi Fashion Company Spa Verona

Trade fair hostess Congresses, Meetings and Events
Gardaland Spa Castelnuovo del Garda Verona
Veronafiere Spa Verona
Rome & Italy Srl Roma
Experience Srl Milano

Education and Training
1996 – 1997 CTA Centro Tecnologie Aziendali Verona – Graphic Design
1992 – 1995 Istituti Callegari Verona – Fashion Design and Industrial Pattern Making
1987 – 1992 Liceo Linguistico Alle Stimate Verona – Foreign Languages 

Foreign Languages
Italian (Native Language)
English (Independent B2) 
German (Basic A2)
French (Basic A2)

Technical skills and competences
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop InDesign Illustrator)
Design and Content creation for Social media platforms
Photography and video editing
Operating Systems: Windows 10
Content Management Systems (CMS) Wp Joomla Yootheme
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Technical Writing
Outbound/inbound calling
Customer Service
Data Entry

Ph Max Menghini